Run Faster and with NO Pain!

Submitted by: Aaron Lakanen

Jim (Boston Marathon Qualifier!!!!!)'s Success Story

I first started going to Aaron because of some shoulder issues I was having. The shoulder was so bad that I could not play golf because the swing was too painful (not to watch but to execute). During the treatment, Aaron focused on my right foot to ease the pain in my left shoulder. I thought he was nuts. However, when I got off of his table, through the increase in muscular control, the pain in my shoulder was gone. (Close to two years later, it has not returned.) Now that he had made me a believer in his MAT approach, I was curious if he could help my running. We began regular sessions and I have continued seeing Aaron while training for the past 9 marathons. During those training periods I would self inflict many aches and pains and on a bi-weekly basis, Aaron would not only address the muscular imbalances that created the pain but give me support in correcting the root cause of the issue with isometrics to do before and after I run. Being a runner, I was used to running in some amount of discomfort and simply dealing with it. Aaron has allowed me to run relatively pain free and I firmly believe he has corrected some of my running form issues that certainly caused earlier problems. Finally, and Aaron may not appreciate this, this help does not come in the form of hours of work that is necessary on my own. I spend enough time running, I can't spend extra hours fixing my road wounds. At the most, Aaron will give me a few ranges of motion to do work on a daily basis that take no more than 5 minutes. I am convinced that Aaron has not only made me a better runner, but he has allowed me to enjoy the running while I am still out on the road pounding out the miles.