Rock Star Client

Submitted by: Aaron Cobb ACE-CPT

Jason's Success Story

I have been working with Aaron since the end of March. I knew I needed to do something after hitting that weight in which I said I would never go above. After having back surgery and not being able to work out for a few years, the pounds just seemed to keep adding up, and it was getting harder to find the motivation to get back into the gym.
After joining the gym in the beginning of March, I had my initial consult with Aaron. I will admit I was intimidated at first, not to mention embarrassed about how out of shape I had let myself become, especially at only 29 years old. After meeting with Aaron I realized he was just what I needed. I needed someone who wouldn’t let me slack and would continue to push me to reach my goals. I decided to work with Aaron on a regular basis. With the “package” I chose with Aaron he wrote a meal plan for me based on my goals and his knowledge.
One of the great things about working with Aaron is that he takes the time to explain things in great detail; why the meal plan is designed how it is, what muscles certain exercises work, form, honestly everything! If I have a question in between our training sessions, all I have to do is text or email him, and I generally hear back from him within the hour.
I have to really give most of the credit to Aaron for my success so far. Since working with him, I have lost 85 lbs and dropped my body fat in half!
I plan to continue working with Aaron in the future as my goals change, as he has been a great motivation for me.
If you are serious and dedicated to taking your goals to the next level, take the time to meet with Aaron. With his experience and vast wealth of knowledge, I can guarantee no matter what your goals are, he can help you.
Client since March 2010.

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