Rob's weight loss.

Submitted by: Phillip Korrey

Rob's Success Story

Rob came to me 45lbs overweight with high cholesterol and intermittent back pain. We started Rob on a plan of cardio 3 times per week strength training 2 times per week. The cardio was a progressive walking program starting at 10 minutes and trying to do a minute more each session. The strength training consisted of targeting all the major muscle groups at one set at 12-15 reps with some basic core exercises. We progressed to 30 minutes of cardio and an incraese of .1 miles per session. Rob after 30 days moved up to 3 sets on the strength training with a 25% increase in strength. The 2nd month we incorporated new cardio activities to shock the system and different strength exercises to prevent boredom and over use injuies.
We changed Robs diet to incorporate a bigger breakfast smaller meals throughout the day and no late night eating. After 2 months Rob lost 20 lbs decreased his BMI 18% and was no longer needing to take cholesterol medicine. Rob has noticed an improvement in his energy level, better sleep, non existent back pain and an overall improvement in his quality of life.