Road to change

Submitted by: Jen Piela-Timmons

Stephanie's Success Story

This is from Stephanie:

As an unfit overweight 40+ woman, I was intimidated by the thought of stepping into a gym and was convinced it would be impossible for me to learn to run or even jog. Jennifer Piela was instrumental in helping me overcome that fear through instruction, humor, patience and faith in me - now I feel right at home in the gym or on the treadmill. As a YMCA member, I took advantage of programs Jennifer ran such as Losing Big, Y-Change, and personal training that included not only exercise activities, but also healthy lifestyle education. I knew any program she launched would be well organized and worth my time. I worked directly with Jennifer as my personal trainer for about a year and went from being a couch potato to someone who began jogging and looked forward to working out in the gym. Jennifer put effort and science into constructing my workouts, helping me achieve more than I thought that I could. Now I am a healthier more active person thanks to her.

I have been coaching Stephanie for the past 5 months and she will be running her FIRST 5K next month!!