Submitted by: Vance Ferrigno

Recurring Back Pain's Success Story

Dear Vance,
When Dr. Raynal suggested that you might be able to help me with my back problems, I was skeptical to say the least. After all, even he wasn’t sure what was ailing me.. Not surprising since I had difficulty describing it. Whatever it was, it kept me off the golf course for seven weeks. The were other Cliffs residents, besides Dr. Raynal that said “see Vance, he’s a wizard.” I was still skeptical but I called you.

I was shocked when after just 30 minutes evaluation you expressed a reasonable degree of confidence that you could get me back on the golf course in a matter of weeks. You were wrong, it was a matter of days! The stretching and strengthening exercise you prescribed as well as you coaching was just what I needed. I hesitate to say this lest I jinx it, but my back hasn’t felt this good for years.
Carol and I drove home to New York for Christmas. That, to me, is the sternest test of my backs condition. Over the past year I have driven to Charleston, Florida and New York and have suffered each time. This latest trip, which I drove straight through, was a breeze. Not a twinge.

I am doing my best to continue the program you gave me as I am much too aware of benefits not to.

Sincerely yours,