Returning to fitness

Submitted by: Stephen Heister

John's Success Story

Steve is always willing to impart his knowledge and expertise to those of us less knowledgeable but attempting to improve our personal fitness. He would meet us in the gym and write workout plans for us based on our needs. In 2006, I was involved in a crash that left me with severe and permanent damage to my left arm and shoulder. During my rehabilitation and multiple surgeries Steve was always there inquiring about not what had been done but what I was able to do. He was a positive influence to keep pushing myself despite the obvious. In 2009, Steve continued to ask about what I was able to do and convinced me that I should at least start running to improve my fitness after several years of sitting on the couch. With his guidance I was surprised that I not only was able to run fairly decent distances but actually enjoyed it. That year I ran my first 5k. Steve was there and as we neared the finish line he continued to push me to finish strong. He stayed behind me allowing me to finish ahead of him, a sacrifice to his time to help me. With coaching and his help with personal workout programs I have run marathons, half marathons and varying distances. With this I have come to a place with my running that I am regularly finishing in the top 10% of those competing. I say this not to brag but to say that I would not have unlocked this potential without the guidance and sometimes pushing from Steve.