Return to Hockey

Submitted by: Ashley Brodeur

Joe's Success Story

I signed up at Anytime Fitness in March 2010 because I was sick of being overweight and tired. When I started, I was given three options: work out by myself, use the Koko Smartrainer, or work with a fitness coach. Since I have always been overweight due to bad eating habits and lack of motivation, I decided to work with Ashley.

When I started at the gym I weighed 215 lbs. I am now at 153 lbs thanks to many different Boot Camps and weekly sessions with Ashley. The changes she has made to my eating and exercise habits are dramatically different from where I started.

What everyone else sees is a thinner me. What I see is a hockey player and a skier that has been dormant for 10 long years.

For any one who knows me, hockey is life. There is nowhere I would rather be than a hockey rink - especially when I am playing. The reason I gave up sports was due to asthma. Due to weight loss and exercise, I no longer have asthma, high blood pressure or borderline diabetes. My doctor is amazed.

So thank you, Ashley, for giving me back what I enjoy most.


Joe Before


Joe After