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3 steel balls scored the first 21 copy rolex years after found the boy: Health seizure, a steel ball head doctor Zhang Hanlin is to do operation.Chongqing morning news reporter Xu Huiyi photographed a series of misadventures, as Domino was pulled down: 21 years ago, 1 dove dove shotgun fire ball into play brain break the piece of bone 21 years after the mysterious fainting.
In the morning the day before yesterday, Red bottom shoes Zhang Hanlin in the Third Military Medical University Hospital underwent craniotomy operation, operation removed 5 mm bone fragments.Although he will not appear again fainted, but due to the 3 steel balls play the position is too deep, still buried deep in the brain.
The head of 3 steel balls yesterday morning, Zhang Discount Christian louboutin Hanlin lay in the ICU."For 21 years, you did not say who would want to get together!"His father Zhang Renjian or think it strange.One day in July last year, has been very healthy Zhang Hanlin worked in the Replica rolex Guangzhou clothing factory, Christian louboutin replica suddenly fell to the ground, legs curled convulsions, lasted two minutes before slowly awake.
After that, he every few months to be rather baffling.Zhang Hanlin in a local hospital was diagnosed as epilepsy, has been the use of Rolex replica drug treatment, but the effect is not good.Beginning in April of this year, Zhang Hanlin Evening dresses 2013 blackout interval is shorter and shorter, Fake rolex watch he returned to Chongqing, was admitted to hospital.
In the hospital, Zhang Hanlin was the head of imaging Rolex Replica watches examination.Results: physicians and family be startled at his deep brain has three regular edges, the diameter is about 4mm metal spherical foreign bodies!The Replica watches doctor through Reolx replicas repeated Rolex Replica view: "how much power to put the 3 marbles is shot into the deep within the brain?Only the gun?""The gun?"Zhang Ren saw puzzle, "is to go out to work.
It did not say?"Zhang Hanlin felt very strange, he strongly denied that he was working when he was shooting.Shotgun accidentally hurt children the ball, when shot into Zhang Hanlin's mind, but he was unaware?"Then we remembered, should be 21 years before he uncle's steel ball gun fire caused by.
"The memory of Zhang Renjian, was pulled back to 21 years ago.In 1991 April, Zhang Ren and his brother Zhang Renjun at the home of Kaixian Wushan land busy corn: "brother see in Wedding dress a dove flying, I think my dad left Replica rolex for cheap home to a soil shotgun.
"Zhang Renjun came home from the dusty shotgun, just check, shotgun went off accidentally: "the baby was only 1 Louboutin replica years old, his grandmother back up, was hurt.""When the baby forehead injury, bleeding."Zhang Renjian picked up her son and went to the hospital in the town, the debridement Cheap evening dresses and suturing treatment, Zhang Hanlin forehead wounds heal slowly, anything unusual.
Department of Neurosurgery director Professor Yang Hui Homecoming dresses 2013 said, three marbles trajectory very lucky to avoid brain function area, so Zhang Hanlin was shot in all aspects of the body did not appear obvious anomaly.
Steel ball or will with his life "this is the marbles into head crushed bones consequences."Professor Yang Hui says, pinball breakdown skull, bursting ossicle in intracranial after 21 years of change, volume increased final compression to the cerebral cortex, which induced epilepsy.
Yesterday morning, the doctor in under the guidance of the navigation system, accurately grasp the marbles into the cranial ballistic, after two hours of effort, smoothly for Zhang Hanlin Cheap wedding dresses took out a cheap red sole heels piece of bone.
Out of the piece of bone is only 5 mm in size, if not this tiny fragments of bone, Zhang Hanlin may never know your head and 3 steel balls to play."Ball playing the depth of the brain, to take out trauma will be great, and now they do not affect the lives of patients.
"No damage to Zhang Hanlin for the normal function of the brain, the experts decided not to extract hidden deep in the brain of three marbles, they will still Red bottoms be firm and secure to stay at Zhang Hanlin's head.

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