Reluctance to Exercise to Positive Self Image & Fun with Fitness

Submitted by: Jody Kennett

Sarah's Success Story

Jody Kennett has been my daughter's personal trainer for the past three years. She was 12 years old when Jody was recommended to us by the physiotherapist she was seeing due to scoliosis in her back and some hip problems. Jody was able to develop exercises based on the assessments of mydaughter's orthopedic doctor and her physiotherapist.

Over the past 3 years, seeing Jody twice a week, my daughter has been transformed from a girl who was reluctant to exercise, to a young lady who loves to go to her training sessions, who views herself as physically strong and capable and whose positive self image has been developed and nurtured under the guidance of Jody. Her posture, core strength and flexibility have all been improved. She has learned the proper way to do exercises which strengthen her back and reduce the impact of her scoliosis. The cardiovascular training she has done with Jody has resulted in a marked improvement in her timed runs at school.

Jody has been one of the best influences on my daughter's life. Jody's positive attitude, patience, great listening skills and wonderful sense of humour have all combined to give my daughter a real desire to become physically fit. I would highly recommend Jody, not only as an excellent personal trainer, but also as someone who is able to motivate and inspire others to be the best they can be."