Rehabilitative Exercise Works!

Submitted by: Grant Hughes

Christie L's Success Story

I never thought that by the age of 30 I would need to have back surgery. But after living in pain for almost a year, it became necessary. I knew the recovery from surgery would be slow, but I needed to get back on my feet and continue the active lifestyle I was used to living. Soon after surgery I heard about enhancing health, and decided I needed to check it out. I met with Grant, one of the personal trainers, and immediately knew this was the road to recovery. I wanted to be trained by someone with a medical background because I was afraid of causing any further injury to myself. And I was also looking for someone who could customize a plan specific to my needs. I am a nurse, and have problems with my back related to way I bend and lift at work every day. Immediately after meeting Grant, he began an exercise plan specific for me that gave me relief from pain right away. He continues to come up with exercises every week that strengthen and rebuild those muscles I have injured from my work habits, as well as strengthen muscles I didn’t even know I had! The exercises change every week, based on where my pain is at the time, and are ones that I am able to do every day at home.
I have been going to enhancing health for over a year now, and have noticed a tremendous improvement in my back pain. I have gained strength, flexibility, and most importantly confidence. I am no longer afraid that I am going to injure myself and am living a normal life again. I would absolutely recommend that anyone who is in pain now, or has had surgery, or just needs to get in shape, to go to enhancing health today. It will surely change your life as it has mine!


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