Submitted by: jason corrie

Jamie 's Success Story

I found Jason's approach to personal training and rehabilitation exceptional - his professional manner and depth of experience and his personable approach to tailor a programme to my individual needs really stand out. Having seen first hand how he helped rehabilitate my wife's knee to full recovery after an ACL operation I knew he could help me with a shoulder injury I had. I had pain in my right shoulder and referred pain over few months down my right arm due to poor posture, having been largely desk bound in a city based job for most of my career and done a lot of cycling over the years. Jason assessed the problem and taught me several exercises to get my shoulder muscles moving, correcting my alignment and strengthening my overall upper body. After a few weeks of sessions the pain was completely gone & I'd learnt a number of exercises and routines that I can carry on myself in future. Having been a sceptic of personal trainers in the past (I've done a lot of outdoor sports, numerous marathons and multi sport events - I'd consider myself pretty self motivated), I'm fully convinced I would not have had nearly the same results nor the correct technique and tools that I can continue to maintain my overall health and flexibility without Jason's help. If you're looking for a personal trainer that gets results, pushes your limits, is fun to train with and learn from his vast expertise and problem solving ability, then I couldn't recommend Jason Corrie and his credentials more highly - he's your man, second to none!

Jamie Doyle