Regular Training + Good Nutrition=Success!

Submitted by: Kristi Macek

Hilary's Success Story

Hilary is a young, vibrant, beautiful and ambitious 23 year old college student who is trying to figure out what she will do for the rest of her life. I have had the privilege of training Hilary since October of 2010. When I met her she was heavier than she wanted to be after coming back from college and her study abroad in Germany.
Our goals at One on One Fitness are more than simply strength training and getting in a good cardiovascular workout. We evaluate areas such as posture, imbalances and weaknesses with each client and then create a program that will correct and strengthen those areas while also facilitating weight loss.
Hilary, as with most clients, had some imbalances and areas of weakness. I created programs for Hilary that addressed her specific needs. We watched as she progressed in strength and endurance week to week seeing improvements in many areas along the way.
Those first couple of months Hilary was adjusting to life back at home and a new life routine not to mention the holiday's that were fast approaching. I believe in baby steps and helping others find what works for them where they are. It's different for everyone. So, with Hilary we worked strong but steady during the holidays and continued to see big improvements in posture, balance, endurance and overall strength.
At One on One we always stress the importance of a good, healthy, portioned and clean (whole & as close to it's natural state as possible) foods. Once the holiday's past and a new year arrived Hilary knew that she needed to incorporate good eating habits if she was going to take her health and fitness to the next level and see the weight loss results she wanted. So, in January of 2011 she began eating healthier, portioned meals and snacks. Her weight loss was steady and 3 months later she weighed in with FIFTEEN fewer pounds on her 5'4" frame! WAY TO GO HIL!!!!
It was so fun to hear Hilary talk about shopping again! Listening to her describe how good it felt being able to fit into a pair of pants from her favorite stores was music to my ears! Her once tight jeans fit nicely again and she beams!
I'm so proud of the hard work Hilary has put in to her training sessions with me, but I really love that she has made that connection to have an overall healthy life. She now knows that it's not just about being active and exercising and it's also not just about eating's the complement of the two that brings about real change and real results!


Hilary After