Regained my freedom

Submitted by: Steven Greene

Liz 81's Success Story

I started with Steve in March 2005. My doctor told me to use resistance training because of my osteoporosis and lose 40 pounds, I also walked with a limp and suffered from lower back pain and had a cholesterol level of 300.
At first I was told to only lose 20 pounds that any fall could shatter my hips and spine. I needed the extra 20 pounds of fat to cushion any fall. Walking without a cane was out of the question. My balance and stability was just about nonexistent. I was becoming a prisoner in my own home. That was the past. I am now down 40 pounds. My balance and stability have improved. I now walk up without any assistance and my limp and back pain is gone. To my surprise I can change a 40 pound water bottle. Before a 5 pound dumbbell was heavy. My energy level has also increased. My last bone density test showed that my osteoporosis was actually reversing and improved beyond my doctor’s and my expectations and told that I would properly live to be 100. My cholesterol is now down to 198, first time in six years.