Reducing Low Back Pain Through Strength Training

Submitted by: Anne Spicker

Chris's Success Story

Chris is a 62-year old male who suffered from low back and sciatic pain on the left side of his body. The discomfort made it difficult for him to accomplish yard work and home improvement projects.

As a result of the core stability and strengthening program I designed for Chris, he is now able to finish all the items on his wife Robyn's 'honey do' list.

In the spring of 2013, Chris spent an entire day mulching the landscape beds around his house. He bought bags of mulch at a home improvement store, loading it all into his pickup truck himself. Chris unloaded every bag again when he got home and finished the day pain free.

Chris recently replaced the siding on his house. In an effort to reduce the project cost, he removed the old siding before the contractor arrived. When the new siding arrived he helped the driver unload the truck.

A year before beginning his strength training program Chris would not have been able to perform either of these tasks.

Chris continues to train in order to maintain the strength in his back and his pain-free life.