Recovery after surgery

Submitted by: Mishell Nibert

Bruce Wardrip's Success Story

My name is Bruce Wardrip, I am 29 years old, and nearly two years ago began what seemed to be the most difficult struggle of my life. I began having extremely bad lower back pain that only worsened with time. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain and daily tasks such as walking seemed unbearable, let alone trying to get up and go to work every day. I was uncertain if the pain was going to subside and eventually gave in to going to an orthopedic surgeon. I was given the diagnosis of a ruptured disc caused by a congenital defect, Bertolottis Syndrome, and was told that I needed a major back surgery, MAST TILF. At the mere age of 28, I underwent not only a major operation, but the first operation of my life. And THIS is where my success story begins!

The evening after my operation, I had to get up and walk around the unit at the hospital as required by my surgeon. I felt incredibly uneasy even trying to stand, not quite understanding how this was possible after the surgery I just endured! But it was possible and I pushed myself to walk even more than required that evening and more throughout the night. The next few days were rough, but I continually pushed myself, time and time again, to keep moving in order to avoid my back getting stiff. I had physical therapy but once I had completed that, I truly felt I needed more structure in my exercise regimen. I wanted to correctly build and maintain the core and muscles I needed to keep myself and my back in the best possible position to avoid further injury in the future. Being a firefighter, it was extremely pertinent to my health and my job that I exercise and learn correct techniques for all that I do.

Luckily, through my work, we are required to maintain an exercise routine at SNAP Fitness each 24 hour shift. Through SNAP Fitness, I was able to meet an incredible trainer, Mishell, who has been the mastermind behind my workout routines and has enabled me to be in the best physical condition of my entire life. She has correctly pushed me to my extreme limits, allowing me to see exactly what my body is capable of, which in turns encourages me to try even harder the next workout. She has taught me the correct ways of doing my exercises and what each is doing for me. She has also taught me how amazing it feels when you are in good shape and keeps me in check about continuing my exercise regimen, even on days I am not in the gym with her.

I know that my journey of staying in shape is far from through. But with continued help and guidance from Mishell, I know that my path to physical greatness is well carved for me. I am so thankful to have such an incredible trainer to have helped guide me through this time in my life. So much of my current physical condition is due to her and her training, and I am forever grateful for her expertise. I look forward to continue working hard alongside Mishell, as I strive to keep myself in the physical condition she has helped me achieve.