Recommendation for Soraya Parr

Submitted by: Soraya Cates Parr

Sydney Reichman's Success Story

As an exercise enthusiast and participant for over thirty years, I have experienced a lifetime of body work, however I have rarely experienced anything that compares with the work of Soraya Parr.

Being a studio sculptor for nearly four decades requires that my body / mind relationship be sharp, healthy, creatively conceptual and intellectually expansive. For me to do my best in art and in life, I have found that exercise plays a vital and absolute role.

After attending classes for nearly two years with Soraya Parr, I choose to study with her above anyone else. Soraya is someone who has, through a lifetime of study, research and working with the human body created an amazingly unique program. Soraya’s dance and movement classes enhance, inspire, exhilarate and strengthen the whole organism. The result is that these classes play a profound role in stimulating my ability to be at the top of my work for the condition of the body is the engine for cognition, creative problem solving and general enhanced brain function.

Just a short story from a class I attended.
Several weeks ago a couple of moms brought their young girls to class. Though they retreated to a private corner, and I could sense their shyness, their desire to participate was so apparent. Soraya picked someone to lead the class and went over to the girls and started working with them. The class went on as normal as can be, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her working with the girls. The girls took to Soraya’s masterful and personal engagement with them and even through their shyness and young age (in a roomful of “old” people, 16 to 65) they were up and dancing with her in no time and they truly felt important. It was a magical moment for me as I could sense the difference this one little moment made in their lives, their self esteem and in the chain of experiences that start to really impact such a young life.

I whole heartedly recommend the work of Soraya Parr whether you are 6 or 86. Quite simply she is a genius with the human body and I can think of no better way to accomplish what one needs in this life than to be stimulated body and mind to become the vibrantly creative, spirited and fulfilled human that each of us has the potential to be.
And the earlier the better!

Sydney Reichman
Visual Artist and Teacher