Rebuilt my stamina and strength

Submitted by: Trent Mitchell

Gregory Hubert, Medical Sales's Success Story

“I am a general sales manager for a medical device company. I travel every week, some where in the Western U.S. I was growing discouraged by my lack of stamina and strength, coupled by my depressing ever expanding waist line. My wife encouraged me to see a trainer. I went to meet Trent. I think he interviewed me, as much as I him. Due to my travel, I could only meet him on Sat. mornings. My goal was to preserve my muscles and reduce my body fat, with increased stamina. In 3 months, the results were clear. I maintained my 240 lbs. body weight, but reduced my body fat from 29% to 23%; I increased my muscle mass accordingly. Trent, in his own way, knows how to encourage and challenge me towards my goals. It also does not hurt that we have become friends as well.”