Rebecca Nelson

Submitted by: Renita Collier

Rebecca's Success Story

Renita was referred to me through a friend years ago. I was experiencing weight gain due to menopause. Working with her, I was able to fight the fatigue I was experiencing. I am now back in control of my body! She was a great help with her nutrition tips, she didn't put me on a diet...just taught me how to eat better.I learned a lot from Renita, she helped me to gain muscle to burn more calories. My metabolism had slowed down considerably, now I have lots of energy and feel very good about myself ! She motivated me so much and made me believe in myself again. I have gotten rid of all my unwanted Bodyfat, lost inches and I am toned again. I am wearing clothes I've always wanted to wear! I never thought I would get the results that I did. I feel I owe it all to her although she always said "you are doing the work". I would recommend her to anyone who wants to better themselves, she's Great!
Rebecca Nelson Clayton Park