Real Results: Janan Ograzden!

Submitted by: Alana Thomas

Janan's Success Story

Real Results: Janan Ograzden!

Firstly, I must say congratulations to Janan; what dedication to training over the last 7 months!

When We first met, Janan was very, very slim. His goal was to "bulk up" but he had never done serious weight training before. His exercise routine consisted of only running and his diet needed a lot of improvement.

We started off with a simple endurance program consisting of 2, 45 minute full body resistance training sessions per week for the first 3 months. I used mostly compound exercises to work as many muscles as possible, such as squats with cable rows and lunges with dumbbell shoulder press. Rests were 30-45seconds long and reps were 20-30 per set. The goal of this program was to build a base level of fitness and because Janan was new to weight lifting, he responded really well. As for diet, I suggested he eat more regularly, increase his protein to around 70-80 grams per day and eat more greens.

In the next 3 month phase I began to decrease the reps to 12-15 and kept the sets around 40-50 seconds in length, rests were 45 seconds to 1 minute. This is when his muscles began to grow larger. Janan completed walks 2 times per week on average for up to 1 hour and for up to 30 minutes post workout.

The real results came when Janan increased his training with me to 3 full body sessions per week and a 4th session of just upper body by himself. The results you see here have come mostly from the last 2 months of training; overall training volume increased and Super-sets were introduced to his workouts. For the extra lean look, he walked up to an hour on average 5 times per week and 3 times per week post workout.
The Super-sets consisted of 2 exercises performed back to back with 45 second maximum rest between sets. I would usually select exercises like walking lunges Super-set with Lat pull downs to begin and once he got amazingly fit, I would select more complex moves like step-ups into backward lunges with push ups on a Swiss Ball.

Janan continues to improve in fitness, grow in size and love his sessions; he never leaves without a smile on his face!

Alana Thomas


Janan Before


Janan After