Ready for My Destination Wedding

Submitted by: Faith Dey

Carrie's Success Story

I signed up to do personal training with Faith 3 months before my destination wedding. I wanted to look my best as I got married on a beach with my closest family and friends.

From the moment I met Faith she was determined to get me looking and feeling my best for my special day. I have always worked out, but never to my maximum potential and Faith got me there and beyond!! Her motivation and special tips throughout each work out kept me going and had me looking forward to each session!

When I thought I couldn’t do another push up or chair dip, she had me doing them and not even realizing I was! I really appreciate how each session was tailored for what results I wanted to see. With Faith’s help I ended up dropping 6% in body fat and 9 inches overall! We had a beautiful wedding and I can thank Faith for letting me feel and look my best.


Carrie After