Reaching New Heights!!

Submitted by: Dave Candra

Pat's Success Story

Pat Wirtz is a worker! This guy decided to turn his life around after some unfortunate news from someone that he cared a lot about.
On a new found path to better himself and take ultimate control of his life, Pat found EXERCISE!! This was it, this was how he would get back to glory!
In highschool Pat was an avid wrestler, and a pretty darn good one at that. In Wisconsin Rapids just about everyone is a good wrestler. However, Pat's wrestling career was brought to an abrupt end when he blew out his knee trying to perform a hip throw against a highly ranked opponent! Pat at that time was in the 215lb weight class and in the best shape of his life. As you can imagine shortly there after Pat was no longer in the best shape of his life.
5 years later, Pat found himself at his heaviest of 307lbs. Not feeling very good about who he had become and what he had let happen thus far. Despite the odds, dealing with a bum knee and having been out of the game for multiple years Pat took to the challenge and isn't looking back.
In less than a year, Pat today weighs 230lbs! He is stronger than ever, and still continues to gain leaps and bounds each and every month moving forward! Such to a point that up until just a week ago Pat had NEVER been able to do a pull-up and in one shot hammered out 2, and is now arguably in the best shape of his life.
The good news is... He's not even close to being done!


Pat Before


Pat After