Re: Russell Wynter - Fitness First Personal Training, LLC

Submitted by: Russell Wynter

Mary's Success Story

I started training with Russell in fall of 2009. Since then, Russell not only changed my workout routine to best benefit me, he also taught me countless new ways to excel in my fitness regimen.

A few of my goals and areas we focus on are core training, muscle definition and improved strength and conditioning. Russell utilizes different types of equipment and techniques which, in return, has created a new workout experience for me.

My fitness training with Russell has been nothing but positive. He listens to his clients specific needs, pays attention to details and helps them achieve and exceed their individual goals.

He exemplifies the highest standards of a personal trainer and carries out his responsibilities in a professional, conscientious and friendly manner. I would recommend Russell if you truly want an experienced trainer that will develop a program specific to your needs and will motivate you to achieve maximum results.


Mary Freel