Submitted by: Renee Jenkinson

Mandy's Success Story

Working in experiential education, I have adopted a lifestyle of traveling, meeting new people and working in the backcountry for extended periods of time. I love my job and am grateful for all the friends I have made along the way. One thing I have struggled with in the past few years is the ability to stay centered and focused on my needs in the face of changing social groups and job expectations. Recently I discovered that I had lost a lot of confidence in my work and other activities that normally brought me joy. This lack of confidence made me question many things in my life, from the relationships I was in to the career path I had chosen. Working with Renee as my life coach gave me the tools to reconnect with my ‘essential self’, my true desires and gain back the confidence with which I could reclaim my life from indecision. Renee was a patient, trustworthy and encouraging guide to the busy, cluttered life I led, adding clarity and intentionality in a confusing time. Although I will never figure everything out, Renee helped me discover that I can still move forward by recognizing my needs and putting one foot in front of the other without a shred of shame in the game that makes my life mine.