Rave Reviews

Submitted by: Michelle Hazlewood

Treasured's Success Story

"Michelle has been an amazing teacher, guide, coach, and trainer before, during, and after my pregnancy. For each stage, she adjusted the type of exercise so that is was manageable and effective. I was continually amazed by how many different types of exercises she would have me do. Her creativity in exercise made each workout unique. I enjoyed using the fitness ball during the cooler months and in the summertime I loved doing the aqua workouts! Michelle also made it a point to share her fitness and health knowledge through discussions and handouts as well as her Michellisms. Michelle is a wonderful fitness guide and trainer who will open your mind and body to a universe of wellness, just as her business name implies!"
Christa Nonnemaker - Owner of AXICOM and Mom

I would like to recommend Michelle as a personal trainer, based on my experience as her client. As my trainer, Michelle has always been caring, supportive, and completely professional. Although she is already certified as a personal trainer, I know that she attends training seminars throughout the year in order to learn the latest techniques. I have found that she treats each client as a personal friend, and that she is always available to answer questions outside of training sessions
Carl Rosenberg - Real Estate Broker

I want to thank you sooooo much for all of your help. Your coaching/training and support is so valuable to me. I have trouble with motivating to exercising on my own. When I have a workout scheduled with you, I really look forward to them, as I enjoy the sessions so much. You are such an inspiration!!! Keep up the good work.
Sue Strohbach Real Estate Appraiser

"Even though I hate working out, Michelle makes it fun. She always tries to make me forget about what I'm doing by telling me funny stories or pretending not to know how to count. I'm glad to call her a friend, and know that our time together is valuable in more ways than one."
Andrea Roschke - CPA & Empress of the Universe

"A year after I had my baby, Michelle helped me emotionally and physically feel good about myself. I saw results very quickly which was the best motivation of all. She customized my workouts to include my little girl which made excercising and getting in shape a fun time."
Jerri H

"Michelle has made a major difference in my physical appearance and emotional well being . I am healthier, happier, and am motivated to continue."

Connie Friedman - Business Owner

"Michelle tailored a program just for me, taking into account my weaknesses, former injuries and life-style goals."

Barbara Adler - Over 50 & Formerly Unfit!

"I have much more strength and stamina. And I really look forward to Michelle's cheerful 'you-can-do-it' attitude."

Kathy Rapapport - Owner Rapapport Business Management
"We have had several trainers and Michelle is the only one who tailored the workouts to fit our needs. Her knowledge, and the variety of exercises makes working out a pleasure."
John Mac Neil-Land Surveyor & Pat Mac Neil-President Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness
"Dear Michelle,
Our work together this first six weeks has far exceeded my expectations. I thank you for helping me to remember who I am. You are modest about your part in my successes, but I credit this newly found (or re-found) ability to focus and an overwhelming sense of joy that is literally bubbling up out of me to whatever channel you are able to tap. I am grateful beyond expression to you for your generosity and love. Your great fan,"
Elizabeth - Director of Education, Pinnacle Financial
"I had the extreme pleasure of having Michelle work with me as my coach. She was very supportive, helped me refine my focus in life and encouraged me all the way. I would highly recommend her. Her positive outlook on life really made me aware of HOW I think. She holds a real precious place in my heart."
Sandy J Incredible Masseuse