Raise the Bar

Submitted by: Jane Birr

Alice's Success Story

Raise the bar by Jane Birr

I have to work out harder. My mom and dad, both 86, work out at the gym where they use rubber tubing for resistance work to get stronger. Mom wanted to continue some of her workouts at home and asked me to get her a tube. So I went and got her one
this past weekend. Imagine my surprise when she called today and said, “Hey, what did you get me that wimpy rubber tube for? It doesn’t even challenge me!”

To which I replied, “Ahhh, well“I use that one, Mom.”

“Well, your father and I went out and exchanged it for a stronger one.”

Boy, what a spanking!

And that’s not all. My 81 year-old friend Ellen ran up to me at church this past weekend and said, “Jane, you won’t believe this. I needed more of a challenge so I got Bret (huge powerlifter at the gym) to help push me with free weights. I recently benched
50 pounds“now I am going for 60!”

Great, another octogenarian closing in on my tail!

Friends, is it time that we raise the bar? Have we been comparing ourselves to the wrong people? You know the drill.

• “Well, at least I don’t weigh as much as Judy.” or

• “Geez, I don’t watch as much TV as Paul ” or

• “Teresa eats many more candy bars and donuts than I do.”

Enough of that. Let’s look to people getting it done. Let’s start pumping more iron! Let’s eat like the champion who is so excited
to be unleashed from us. Let’s treat our friends and family like the precious gifts from God that they are. Let’s push ourselves
farther in body, mind and spirit than we ever dreamed possible!
Let’s raise the bar!


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