Rainey Pogue, Corrective Fitness

Submitted by: EZIA Athletic Club

Rainey's Success Story

Rainey is a sweet young athlete that has suffered several injuries in her sport, injuries that have stalled her professional career. Rainey is determined and has a positive outlook and is committed to her personal improvement. We rehabilitated her knee after is was broken on the slopes, and now she is back on the training floor preparing to take her fitness to the next level, literally. Many people are injured, this is not a reason to stop training all together, it is time to get creative and work with your strengths as you nurse your weakness. EZIA has a program for every ability level, injured to professional, and everyone in between. All you need to do is show up, we will do the rest. To see a video of her testimonial just copy and paste the following link; http://www.eziahp.com/testimonials/rainey-pogue-corrective-fitness-and-therapy


Rainey Before


Rainey After