Rachel helped her lower back pain

Submitted by: Chris Lutz

Rachel's Success Story

"When I first heard of S.P.A.R.T.A.'s training program, I had given up the idea that my body would ever be anything like it was when I was a competitive athlete. I was suffering from an old sports injury (almost daily back pain) and my overall strength level had rapidly declined. I had gained weight and wasn't living a very healthy lifestyle. I was very encouraged by my first workout. This fast-paced style of exercise was definitely something I could do without causing further injury. The program was tailored to my specific needs and also fit into my busy schedule. The staff thoroughly explained the exercises and the science behind them. After working with S.P.A.R.T.A., pain from my sports injury has significantly improved, I've regained a great deal of muscle mass and have lost 40 pounds! The results have dramatically contributed to my quality of life and overall productivity. I confidently recommend this program to other former athletes or busy professionals looking for better health and fitness."


Rachel Before


Rachel After