Proof in the Numbers (5 months)

Submitted by: Clark Gadd

Mike's Success Story

5 months ago I had a choice to make. A) Replace my 12 year old car. B) Join a gym to get back in shape and lose weight. I chose to join a gym. I joined because I basically hit my own personal rock bottom with my weight and overall health. Here are my stats when I joined: Age 44, 5’9” tall, 224 lbs., 33.6% body fat, and considered obese by clinical measures. I was tired of my clothes not fitting, and embarrassed to tuck in my shirts. The funny thing is I didn’t think I looked “that” fat. Boy was I wrong.
After consulting with a membership specialist, we all decided that it would be in my best interest to hire a personal trainer to help me along. Understand I have not stepped foot in a gym in over 20 years, so we agreed. I hired Clark Gadd to work with me for 3 days a week. Five months into the program, I look back and can easily say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Not only is Clark very knowledgeable about his career, he listens to his client’s needs and goals. He has tailored my workouts to my specific goal of losing weight. He demonstrates the proper techniques with the various machines, and will make sure that I am doing it correctly as well. I can also say that after 60 workouts sessions with Clark, no two of them were the same. Bottom line though is the numbers:
After 5 months (60 workout sessions):
194 lbs. (30 lb. weight loss), 28.1% body fat (5.5% drop), and my pant size has gone from a 40 waist to 34. My clothes fit much better, my knees don’t ache, my back feels better, etc., etc. I could go on and on.
There is no way I could have seen results of this magnitude if it were not for Clark. He has truly helped change my life and I could not recommend anyone with more enthusiasm.
Thank you Clark, I look forward to the next 7 months, and cannot wait to see the results then.

Mike Beatty


Mike Before


Mike After