Progress Should Be Measured By How We Move

Submitted by: Sean Yeager-Diamond

Manuel Flores's Success Story

I work with a program called Foundation Training (www.foundationtraining). We focus on accessing the posterior chain of the human body and returning innate movement patterns, and correcting biomechanics. The principals are decompression of the spine, anchoring the pelvis to support the lower lumbar, and recruiting the lower abs and lengthening the hip to hinge properly.
Manny's inability to access his hamstrings and glutes left him with a quad dominance that was drastically affecting his gait and foot functioning. In addition the imbalances in his upper body were causing discomfort and pain.

Success is measured by how we move, feel, and experience the world.

We've worked together for sometime now, and everyday has its wins, but a picture speaks a million words.


Manuel Flores Before


Manuel Flores After