Profession Doctor Anaesthiologist

Submitted by: Robert Lofaso

Stephan 's Success Story

Dear Bob,

On the eve of another Army deployment, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how far we have come together, and how much I appreciate the effort you put into my health. I firmly believe that a leader has to lead from the front. I saw that my physical fitness was slipping, causing me not only personal anxiety, but also impacted my ability to present myself as a role model, to my colleagues and patients in both the military and civilian workplaces. Further, my energy level was low, and my concentration diminished.

If you recall, we started a lifetime ago; I believe it is almost a year now. I was impressed from the beginning, as you accommodated my schedule necessitating starting at O’Dark thirty (5:30 am.) It is not that I am happiest at that time, but my choices are few when the day is long. In a bit under a year, I lost 26 pounds, gained at least 15 pounds of muscle, and nearly doubled my stamina, as evidenced by my run times. Not bad for a guy who cracked the half century mark two birthdays ago.

I am well aware that there are no guarantees in life, and I believe that we can control about 80% of our lives by healthy choices. The combination of personnel fitness, diet, and making good choices that you helped guide me in will surely stand me in good stead, as I go back out into the field. Thank you again for your dedication, and resounding success at helping me to meet and exceed my goals.


Chief, Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Brooklyn, NY

LTC, United States Army Reserve, Medical Corp

Section Chief of Anesthesiology

Combat Support Hospital

Fort Dix, NJ