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And the Brazil and India special adverse weather much recent sugar supply tends nervous, overnight the US Sugar follow commodities strong closed up 2.33%, October contract once touched 22 cents / lb integer bit pressure, finally closed at 21.
98 cents / lb, up 2.71%.Zheng Tang today small tiaokonggaokai, 1301 main contract in the Evening dresses 2013 opening stand 5850 after concussion uplink, the highest 5903, the lowest 5841, closed 5889, positions for the 636776 hands, Jiancang 22736 on hand, turnover of 1599904 hand.
Before twenty the main bull Jiancang 11294 hand, short Jiancang 6345 hand, the structure of Discount Christian louboutin the position has not changed, the bears remained dominant.According to the Brazil Ministry of trade statistics, June Brazil raw sugar exports a Fake omega quantity to be 1290000 tons, lower than the same period last year 1850000 tons.
Brazil strong rainfall effects on sugar content in sugarcane and lead to crush rate slowed down, and the impact of port Sinotrans, cause Brazil raw sugar exports fell.Swiss consultancy Kingsman SA will also be Rolex Replica lowered in central and southern Brazil 2012/13 year sugar yield prediction.
The sugar content in sugarcane down to every tons of 137.5 kg.If 7,8 months the weather as expected to dry, the crop of sugar production in Brazil will be protected, but if the El Nino phenomenon, prediction will be lowered again.
On the other hand, according to the India Sugar Association, India dry weather will affect the India advocate Wedding dress produce an area to the cane toad, is expected next year sugar output will decline by Cheap wedding dresses 1000000 tons Cheap evening dresses to 25000000 tons, while the India sugar exports will be affected by this.
As the global two big candy producer in Brazil and India, the recent weather factors are subject to distress, worry about international sugar fake rolex watches market supply, if the Red bottom shoes weather continues to worsen, the international sugar market oversupply pattern material will Rolex replica change.
At home, 2011/12 season Guangxi accumulative total production of 6942000 tons of sugar, end 6 end accumulative total sale of 4471000 tons of sugar, decrease compared to the same period 457000 Rolex Replica watches tons; production and marketing rate of 64.
4%, 8.84 percentage points year-on-year decline; industrial inventory 2471000 tons, an increase of 671000 tons of; among them the June monthly sales of 503000 tons, decrease compared to the same period 245000 tons.
The other main producing areas in Guangdong Province, Hainan, Yunnan and Xinjiang on June sales of sugar decrease compared to the same period.Although already entered the June summer season, but the downstream is sold not free is still not improved, the busy season is not as cheap christian louboutin shoes normal; to the inventory pressure still Cheap christian louboutin heels plagued sugar market.
July 4th advocate produce an area without a price.All transactions in general or cold.Among them, Liuzhou wholesale market shocks finishing slightly after the try for, S12071 contract of the day down 2 Christian louboutin replica Rolex replicas yuan / ton.
Liuzhou intermediaries price 6100-6180 yuan / ton, low price increase 30 yuan / ton, the general contract; Nanning brokers offer 6200 yuan / ton, the sugar group offer 6200 yuan / ton, the same quote; Zhanjiang Guangdong sugar price 6250 yuan / ton, the same quote, the general contract; Kunming central daily price 5950-6050 yuan / ton, clinch a deal delicate.
To sum Replica watches up, the two major Sugar Exporting Countries Brazil and India caused by adverse weather market for international sugar market concerns, sugar prices will continue to play a supporting role.Domestic Zheng sugar by the outer disk drives, although June pin sugar data not Red bottoms very optimistic, but in the summer of July bullish sentiment Fake rolex for sale and a technical rebound is expected demand, glucose still has certain bounce space.
The surface of the technical, Zheng sugar has broken Homecoming dresses 2013 through the right angled triangle Replica rolex finishing intervals, moving average uplink support prices, the main 1301 or early shock test platform along the 6000 line, the proposed short-term can buy more, long-term remained weak trend.

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