Submitted by: Linda Gottlieb

-P. R. Shelton, CT's Success Story

When you sign-up with Linda to be your personal trainer, you can be sure that you will learn to enjoy exercise as part of your life and not just exercise to lose weight in the short term. As a busy mom of two kids under the age of 4 and a full time job and a chronic back pain at my age (sufficient to say that I am young enough to be called a baby by LindaļŠ), I needed a plan that I can fit into my daily life-style and most importantly, continue with it even after my sessions with her are over. From day one, Linda understood that and helped me, motivated me to reach my goals.
I truly believe that the best thing I did for myself was to have Linda as my personal trainer!! Working with her, I have seen results in just few months and I have been waiting to get to this point for the last 10 years. With no fancy gym equipment and just some solid exercise plan, I am now heading towards a more active lifestyle for me and for my family. For anybody who is debating the cost versus benefit of a personal trainer, I cannot stress how much value Linda will bring to your life by helping you feel better about yourself and that for me is PRICELESS!!
Thank you so much Linda for helping me become passionate about leading an active lifestyle and put myself first.