Preparing for baby

Submitted by: Heidi Oliver Pike

Jen's Success Story

I started working with Heidi because I knew I wanted to become pregnant and I knew I needed to get my body ready for the changes that were to come. I have had back issues since I was a teen and I had heard horror stories about back problems and pregnancy so I wanted to do exercises that would help strengthen my core muscles. I told Heidi about my concerns and she came up with exercises that suit my needs. I worked one on one with Heidi about 3 days per week for months. She kept things fun, upbeat and challenging. I never got bored or discouraged. Heidi is a great motivator who won't let you quit on yourself. I actually looked forward to working out! In the end I had a firmer, more toned body with great abdominal and back strength which is just what I was looking for. I have since had two kids and both pregnancies were a breeze