"Preacher Dave"

Submitted by: Robert Morrow

Dave's Success Story

Bobby: I have wanted to do this for a while so today I took the time. Use it however you desire. You may want to check my grammar I am weak in that area. But thanks again for your help and assistance in my life.

My name is Dave Williams and my job is one where I sit at a desk so I have to get my exercise some way. Summer I usually bike and do the fitness club and during winter just the fitness club. Over the holidays I gained more wait that I have ever gained .I went back to my normal routine but I could not shake this weight and I was having a hard time. I felt I needed someone to assist me that knew more than I did. I went to over 200 pounds which is pretty heavy for me. I was tired most of the time, my clothes did not fit well and I was not very pleased with myself. I saw Bobby’s add at the fitness club and saw the improvements he had made in his life and condition and felt that he could help me. I secured Bobby as my trainer for seven sessions for a set fee. He did a complete evaluation of my condition and ask me what my goals were. He said he would work with me on proper use of machines and develop a plan to help achieve my goals. He said after seven sessions you “graduate” and are able to work on your own, and if you follow the format it will work.

Well let me say that it did. I stayed with the program he gave me. It was not difficult. It was very doable for a guy 56 years old. In 12 weeks I lost 25 pounds and went from a 38 inch waist to a 36 inch waste. My strength is back and my clothes fit better as a matter of fact I had to have all my pants taken up to fit properly. The diet that he gave me along with the exercise the weight just begin to melt I could see results each week. When you see results it leads to further motivation. I really believe that Bobby has changed my life and my health for the good and probably for the rest of my life. I stayed with his system and I have not gained any weight. I went on vacation this summer and was able to maintain my weight and program. So let me recommend Bobby to you if you want a program that is sensible and will help you achieve your goals in a reasonable amount of time with a qualified trainer. I have attained my goals and made a new friend who changed my life for the good. So if you thing you can’t do it I believe you can when you get the right information, from the right person, with the right training. For me that was Bobby Morrow.

Dave Williams