Pre-Baby Body Back!

Submitted by: Samantha Domingues

Cynthia's Success Story

FirstLight Fitness is my secret weapon to getting my body back after having two babies in two years! I struggled to find time and a real kick butt training that motivated and engaged me. I found that my time is the crack of dawn, when I can sneak out of the house to do something only for me, not for my husband or kids, just for me; and I feel so satisfied with completing a hard workout before most people even get out of bed! When I started FirstLight over a year ago, I was striving to get back to my wedding weight. Now that I've reached that goal - it's all about getting stronger & stronger and staying dedicated to attending FirstLight Fitness keeps me on track! Sam is absolutely lovable yet demanding and the girls in boot camp have become friends. I enjoy this socially & physically - It's a perfect match for my fitness goals!