Post Surgery Success....

Submitted by: Ricky Jackson

Heather 's Success Story

I have been training with Ricky for a little over 3 years now. When I started with him I was 10 months post-op from having an L5-S1 Anterior Lumbar Fusion (back surgery). For ten years I had issues with my back, throughout my entire 20's I felt like I had the body of an unhealthy 80 year old. I was in pain all the time. I could not exercise or do most things people my age were doing without "paying for it" during the following weeks. I had heard about Ricky from some friends and they all spoke of him very highly. I was very skeptical about training because of my history with back pain, but eventually I was talked into at least giving it a try.

The first time I worked out with Ricky, we talked extensively about my concerns and about my surgery. He developed a program to help me strengthen my core to help support my back and lessen the pain. When I started I couldn't run more than a couple of minutes, could barely squat 85 lbs. more than once and was still dealing with back pain. Within 6 months of training with Ricky I was running 2 miles, squatting 225 lbs 10 times and I no longer had back pain 24/7.

Due to a new job and hectic travel schedule, I had to take a 10 month hiatus from the gym. However, I've since returned to the gym and part of that decision was due to that "sneaky" back pain I felt returning. Since being back in the gym the last 3 months, I am doing things I never thought possible. I am already up to running 3 miles every workout and I feel great. My strength is also returning rapidly.

Training with Ricky was one of the best decisions I ever made, he has changed my life! People workout with trainers for all different reasons, I chose to do it because I wanted to take control of my body and be pain free. Ricky Jackson helped me achieve this goal. In addition, working out has helped to increase my self-esteem and confidence in my abilities.


Heather  Before


Heather  After