Pilates seemed so out of reach

Submitted by: Heike Yates

Helen's Success Story

I saw all these lovely young ladies with supple bodies doing extraordinary contortions on large exexcise balls. That was my inaccurate idea of what pilates is.

I am so thankful that I met Heike Yates. She quickly understood my exercise needs and goals. Her therapeutic approach using a combination of exercise disciplines, including pilates, was perfect for my “seasoned citizen” body. While I am an avid walker and do physical therapy daily for my knees, I needed to move to the next step in my regimen. Heike took me to that next exercise plateau.

Because of Heike’s expert training twice weekly over a period of ten weeks, my body is noticeably stronger and my long-term goals are in sight. I know the pilates floor exercises to the extent that I can now attend pilates mat classes. Just weeks ago, I thought that was beyond my reach.

Heike guided me to an improved physical condition. Now I can do twice or even three times as much exercise. She is not only a great trainer, but also a wonderful role model.