Pilates Helps Keep Mom Healthy

Submitted by: Gina Jackson

Wendy Martinez and Anya Milstein's Success Story

This is a typical story of the benefits of regular fitness training and commitment. However, it is different as It is about two women whose lives have crossed only through a little sweat, some grass, magic circles, the TRX and my hands and fingers. Half of the details I will probably fumble over, but here goes:

Eran and Anya both enjoyed Pilates together (as a couple) learning mat years ago with the creation and ultimate birth of Jacob, their first son. Mom (and dad) both trusted the development of their own core strength to the Pilates method with a Beginner Mat class about four years ago. Anya continued practicing thru her pregnancy (with dad in tow) and jumped right back into her bikini within weeks after the delivery of Eran.

Granted, she is a long, lean, young woman anyway, she is, however, diligent in her practice and whenever asked how she quickly returned to pre-baby tone, strength and conditioning, she immediately replies, "Pilates!"

Wendy has a few more curves, and in all the right places (I might add) and also committed herself to Pilates (and bootcamp classes) a few years ago, learning the Beginner series and then tackling the Intermediate work with the Magic Circle class as a regular participant.

Wendy and Anya were in the same morning mat class for at least two years. Both also enjoyed working outside in the park during the summer with BootCamp classes to keep every part of themselves moving and active. Wendy was one of the first students of mine to be introduced to the TRX with my small group TRX Strength classes.

Needless to say, both women became pregnant at the same time, found themselves in the same classes in the new studio space (Pilates Mat and TRX Pre-Natal (video here!) and ultimately delivering their baby boys during the same week.

Babies are Born

Anya continued to take Open Mat classes twice a week and the TRX Pre-Natal class with Wendy once during the week. She attended class on Sunday morning at 10:00am and delivered the baby on Monday morning before 7:30am. She sent me a text message at 8:00pm that the baby had arrived, forgetting to mention his weight, height, and that all went well, but remembered to say, "doctor said I can start stretching in four weeks!"

Wendy's text messages for the next few days said only, "he likes it in there!" Alex was born with a "C" section on Friday, May 20th as all attempts to dialate the cervix and get the baby moving failed to work. I think her "powerhouse scoop" was too strong and just wouldn't let go of that 10-lb boy!

Wendy and Anya join Ioanna as the new proud mom's of "Pilates babies." I am, once again, a proud auntie!

Congrats to the new moms! Your hard work is truly amazing!
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Wendy Martinez and Anya Milstein Before


Wendy Martinez and Anya Milstein After