Pilates-Excellent exercise for low bone density

Submitted by: Christina Sauer

Heidi Dennis (55) -Osteopenia, left hip's Success Story

Having a client with low bone density can cause much concern for us fitness instructors, but with a well equiped training and resources, we can help those with low bone density move better and protect their bones. Heidi came to me with excessive thoracic kyphosis and limited gait pattern. We started with privates twice a week. After four months, she was confident to get into a class setting. Our Healthy Spine class was where she started. She is stronger and has a great concept of Pilates fundamentals. She is a dedicated individual who deserves lots of commendation. Congratulations, Heidi.
"Healthy Back Class has helped me to walk, bend, reach, sit and stand more confidently. I am aware of my body more and what it can do, should do and can not do. Christina has been able to explain why I shouldn't move in a particular way, but gives me an alternative method to reach what I want to do." Heidi Dennis