Pilates Gets Me Out of Bed

Submitted by: Dani Alpert

's Success Story

“I’ve been going to Dani's class for about six months. The reason I get out of bed and come to class is not only for the physical payout but for the shot of confidence that I get when I;m in class. Dani has helped me push my body past the mental limitations that I’d put onto myself. I’m almost forty years old and I’d never done a push. I thought push ups were for super strong or military people. I remember the day in class, I was made to push myself and do twenty push ups. I was over joyed with how much strength that I had gained and proud of myself for being reaching a destination that I thought was never meant for me. I felt like a million dollars and that nothing in life was unattainable. I am inspired to keep reaching for my goals and am reminded that the¬†only thing stopping me from going to the next level is my own resistance. I am forever grateful and appreciative for finding Dani, and Pilates. Thank you!”
-- Melanie Stewart, Interior Designer