Pilates Delivers More Confidence & A Better Fit: One Year Later

Submitted by: Gina Jackson

Vernell Young, Alina Chaban and Katheryn Dougan's Success Story

Exactly one year ago, three women decided to step up to the challenge of making a difference in their lives and especially in their bodies. They were not absolutely sure of what they were getting themselves into by signing up, but each one individually knew they needed a little help in making it happen. This is the story of Alina & Vernell taking a plunge into the unknown with Pilates Mat and Katheryn diving head first into using TRX Suspension to create difference in the way they moved in and lived with their bodies.

Alina and Vernell, 50+ years of age and Katheryn, 37 years old, work in corporate environments and commute regularly to NYC, and manage very active social lives with friends and family. They sought out whole-body movement programs with distinctly different classes, yet the results and experiences they all independently report back, one year later, are virtually identical.

Along the way, all three have been transformed. Vernell has decided to do an 9.5 mile obstacle course challenge race. Alina has added a TRX class to her workout regimen, Katheryn has hiked, canoed and skydived and as a group of women, each of them represents the best that can happen with dedication to whole body movement.

Alina & Vernell, partnered in their commitment to a Beginner Mat class for ten sessions; taking advantage of a special offer as a new student. We all knew each other from the neighborhood and while they had friends, other neighbors and even relatives that were involved in Pilates, neither of them had simply found the time or right opportunity to make the method part of their own lives.

They started in October 2011 with Beginner Mat and actually repeated the series twice before gently I “pushed them out of the nest” and encouraged them to deepen their practice with an Intermediate Mat class in the Spring of 2012.

I believe in challenging students to find the most for themselves by pushing them to the edge of their personal envelope, as I believe that nothing comes without a little push, a little challenge, and a bit of supportive resistance.

Consequently, Alina & Vernell joined a few other Beginner Mat students in an Intermediate and Open Mat class twice a week to deepen their knowledge and facility with building strength and use of their powerhouse abdominals. I remind students that if one continues to repeat the same things over and over again, we will find ourselves bored with the monotony of the experience and never find growth or change.

Alina says she noticed the challenge at the outset, “after my very first class I was aware that my decision was the right one. I remember going thru The Hundreds warm up and thinking I’m not going to get thru this hour“but I did! One year later, and I have to admit, that at some point during each class, I still wonder if I’m going to make it, yet I always do. You somehow manage to push me further than I thought I was capable of going. There is no doubt that Pilates is challenging but after every class I walk away feeling that I just did something really good for me!”

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