Physician, Hillsboro Beach, FL

Submitted by: Lisa Thibodeau

's Success Story

My husband and I are retired physicians who are very aware of health maintenance and the importance of physical activity in one’s daily life. During our long careers we had the opportunity to meet professionals in various health-related fields and developed good judgment about how to evaluate their work.

When I first called Lisa T over a year ago, I had very little knowledge about Pilates exercises and their benefits. I had been advised to get a personal Pilates instructor to help me with some bothersome physical problems related to weak pelvic floor muscles. I thought that Pilates was for young and gorgeous bodies, not for a woman in her 60’s. Also, quite frankly, I was skeptical about getting a personal trainer, as I thought this was snobbish and foolish. But, the professional advice was neither to get into group classes nor to use a video program, so that I could really work on my problem in a focused manner on an individual basis. I realized how important that advice was once I met Lisa and started regular sessions with her.

Lisa has excellent and broad professional knowledge about anatomy and function of the skeletal-muscular system, and she applies this knowledge all the time in her sessions. She emphasizes the muscles involved in each movement or exercise so that you really understand how to do the exercise properly, not just copying what someone else is doing or what one might see in an illustration. Her instructions also include much positive feedback, encouragement and enthusiasm. She was able to personalize exercises to my needs, my age and my weaknesses.

At first I thought that, once my original reason to seek her help was under control, I could continue doing the exercises on my own. Over time, however, I realized that the benefits of a steady program are immeasurable. In addition to the problem which prompted me to seek help from Lisa, she has helped me with my old and stiff muscles and my very poor posture. I have since realized that there is no fast fix. Pilates has become an integral part of my life and I need Lisa’s continued teaching and support.

My husband also was skeptical at first, thinking that Pilates was a fad, but, over time he started seeing how I was benefiting from the sessions. So much so, that now he decided to also get help for his poor posture, muscle weakness and stiffness. He was most impressed with her insightful approach, her ability to personalize a program and her vast background knowledge that she immediate applies to each new challenge. He now is a true believer and he enjoys watching my sessions with Lisa besides getting his own sessions.