Physical and mental benefits from exercising

Submitted by: Monica Root

's Success Story

I started working out four and a half years ago, after I had recovered from shoulder surgery. I had the good fortune of meeting the trainer, Monica Root, that worked in my workout center and I have been working out with her ever since. When Monica started with me, I had very little physical stamina. She put a program together that helped me get in shape and provided so much moral support, I got in great physical shape. I not only enjoy the physical and health benefits from the cardio and strength training, I have made myself and my physical and mental health a priority. Monica provides continued motivate support and workout programs that keep our group excited to attend; she also encourages us to push ourselves and see how far we can go. I have been so happy to have found such a great support system to keep me physically and mentally healthy, but I have found a great group of friends as well!
Red Wing, MN