Personal training Testimonial

Submitted by: Lindsay Ingham

Carol's Success Story

Lindsay Ingham was my very first spinning instructor. I was hooked after just a few classes because she brought SO much energy, excitement and fun to something that was difficult for me to do. Her innovative methods, well choreographed classes and her solid foundation in fitness truly indicate her passion and dedicationto the health and well-being of others.

She also demonstrated these same strengths when she volunteeredweekly during a summer program for young women with developmental disabilities. Her compassion shined on when she taught this fitness class with the same enthusiasm and skill as all of her other teaching experiences.

Since then, I‘ve had the opportunity to have Lindsay as my personal trainer. She patiently works through my various injuries while encouraging me to push myself beyond what I would do without her. She also trains my daughter, who has significant learning, behavioral, emotional and motor planning issues that make all exercising extremely challenging. Lindsay relishesin this challenge, continues to stay positive and makes my daughter feel good about her self.