Personal training story

Submitted by: Brandi Ohlsen

Cindy's Success Story

This is the trainer you NEED to hire! If you are serious about your fitness and have goals you want to meet, Brandi is the woman who will inspire you to succeed. I personally have been working with Brandi as my trainer for nearly 10 years. Her customized training sessions and expert nutritional guidance have honed my body to meet the demands of my outdoor pursuits. Not only was I able to get my body fat (via hydrostatic testing) to a low of 11.9%, I increased my VO2 Max from 44 to 56 in one year (top 1% for my female age group), and I ROCKED all my goals - which, believe it or not, included successful summits of Mt. McKinley, the Matterhorn, and the Eiger, grade 5 ice climbing in Colorado and Canada, and a half mountain marathon up 5000' to the top of a 14er. If you want to succeed, you deserve to have the right person to get you there. Contact Brandi.

Brandi Ohlsen

Verified Cert/Training
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