Personal Training and Nutrition Success

Theresa's Success Story

Last year I was hit by a car and suffered severe back, neck and hip pain that required physical therapy. I had worked with various Physical Therapy Centers but could not get relief from my pain and I did not see any improvement in my condition. Then I found Veronica at Body Synergy. I have worked with Veronica for several months now. One of the best things about her was that she made me believe that I could get better. Her expertise, skills and knowledge of the very complicated workings of the human body have worked wonders for me. She is amazing! By using a variety of therapeutic strategies Veronica determined would be effective, I have been relatively free of debilitating pain and know I am on my way to significant recovery. I realized that weight was an issue that was hindering my recovery. Veronica is a nutritionist as well as a kinesiologist and rehab personal trainer so I began working with her on improving my nutrition with the goal of eventual weight loss. Veronica is an equally skilled nutritionist. I have joined other weight programs in the past, but what they were lacking was providing information about food, what it does when it enters your body, and why certain combinations of food are necessary in guaranteeing weight loss. I was given menu's to follow that were delicious and effective. Losing weight is difficult for a variety of reasons and Veronica discussed the psychological aspects of weight gain and loss. One of the best things about working with Veronica is her encouragement and positive attitude. She consistently makes me believe in myself and is patient and supportive.