Personal Training

Submitted by: Coley Mays

Kelly's Success Story

I’ve been a member of a local fitness club for 10+ years and was encouraged to participate in some high quality group personal training programs facilitated by Coley Mays. Being familiar with Coley from a Body Pump group fitness class that he instructed, I was comfortable participating in this since his charisma and teaching style was outstanding. He made a class that has potential to have elements of repetitiveness and boredom quite fun and entertaining.
I did quite a few group sessions with Coley – ranging from Core Training and Cardio Clinics to Coley’s Afterburn classes. These sessions are fantastic in the sense that these workouts, in the very brief but activity filled 30 minutes, are as intense as committing to hours in the gym. My muscle fatigue after one session with Coley matched that of two back-to-back hour long group fitness classes.
Coley’s experience, attentiveness and knowledge base is quite evident through his emphasis on proper body positioning to optimize the exercise, his drive to maximize your workout with individualized challenges, as well as great motivation, humor and encouragement throughout. Coley’s ability to challenge the potential of each participant while at the same time being mindful of physical restraints/ limitations of each individual is outstanding. Coley also shares sound advice and information on pre/post workout diet as well.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my group sessions with Coley and I would encourage anyone, at any fitness level, to pursue this as part of their workout regime.
Kelly Palmiere
Bradenton, Florida