Personal training

Submitted by: Coley Mays

Dayton's Success Story

I had gotten away from exercising regularly for quite some time. My size 36 pants were starting to feel tight and some of them didn’t even fit any more. I have had lower back problems for many years. At times it would bother me most of the day. It had gotten where it was also impacting my sleep by waking me up at night. Finally one day I was watching my father-in-law struggle to negotiate a flight of stairs. I came to the conclusion that I had better get on some kind of exercise program or my later years were not going to be pretty.

My wife and I joined a fitness center with the intent of working out on our own. We were offered 3 free sessions with a personal trainer. I thought ok they’re free why not but I’m not planning on paying even more to exercise. The first session was just an introduction where I explained to Coley that I wanted to work on my back to relieve the pain, trim up a bit and maybe drop a couple of pounds. I wasn’t looking for some big weight loss. After the 2nd session, which really was an exercise session, I was convinced that I needed a personal trainer and Coley seemed like the guy. Coley tailored the program to what I was needing, core strengthening, and in steps that allowed me to make progress without major sacrifices. We measured progress along the way which provided encouragement that the work was generating results. Coley was always well tuned into how I was doing with the routines and what next steps to take.

Within 6 months, my back had improved tremendously. I rarely even thought about it during the day and the nights had gotten better as well. Those 36 in waist pants were now loose and I had to take up by belt notches 1 to 2 spots. I feel trimmer and people have noticed the change. Exercise is once again part of my life and I plan to keep it that way. Coley got me going down a good path. I have joined him in group training sessions to keep engaged. Without hesitation, I recommend Coley to anyone. My wife is now a client as well.

Dayton Amey