Personal Success Story

Submitted by: William Bowen

Brian Bowen 's Success Story

My proven results can be seen through my personal story of health and wellness advancement.

I developed my fitness based experience and background initially through the United States Marines Corps from 2003-2006. Towards the end of my career in the Marine Corps, I was in a tragic car accident which resulted in a severed aorta and 11 broken ribs. After 10 months of bed rest and rehabilitation, I was released from the Marine Corps. I continued the next few years living an unhealthy lifestyle. Falling into the cycle of materialism and societies social standards, I ultimately gained over 80 lbs and my health regressed dramatically. Though I pursued a career in Information Technology, my passion for fitness was lying dormant.

In 2008, I looked at myself in the mirror and made a personal commitment to change my life and start living a healthy lifestyle. I immediately changed my diet and started a progressive exercise regimen. Within 9 months I had lost the weight I gained and made the decision to change my career path and focus 100% on physical fitness by pursuing a career as a personal trainer.

I am able to utilize my personal experience in my training to connect with clients and ensure their attainment of their personalized fitness goals. Since becoming a certified trainer, I have gained extensive experience within the fitness spectrum. Aside from my personal accomplishments, in 2009 I began training clients. In 2010, I started training the Florida Atlantic University Rugby team as well as worked as an intern training NFL rookies. During that time, I also played Division I rugby with the Boca Raton Buccaneers.

I am now currently located in Huntington Beach, CA and train out of the South Coast Athletic Club. As well, I am currently the Assistant Coach and Trainer for the St. John Bosco Prep High School Water Polo Team. I continue to develop and expand upon my skill set through the attainment of additional advanced fitness and nutrition certifications, as well as obtainment a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from Cal State University: Long Beach. Following this, I plan to become a certified Registered Dietitian.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have related to fitness and nutrition as well as to get more information on the services I offer relating to fitness and nutrition.


Brian Bowen  Before


Brian Bowen  After