Persistance Over Time...

Submitted by: Nancy Collis

Peter's Success Story

In Peter's words, "I can't say enough about the personal benefits my wife and I have realized over the past five years participating in Nancy's Pilates, Boot Camp and Nordic Walking programs. I've pulled my belt buckle in a couple of notches, have more energy, and most importantly have come to realize just how important (and fun!) it is to be physically active and fit."

Peter, in his 50's, is married with six children and has a successful white-collar career. Over the course of a few decades, his fitness level deteriorated due to neglect. Peter bravely decided to begin his journey back to fitness with Pilates matwork which he continues to this day. He also enjoys the camaraderie and challenges of ::Early Birds' Boot Camp:: and has learned that he is one fleet-footed dude! We see where Peter's athletically talented sons get their juju.

Peter has literally gained almost two inches by improving his posture, and he lost the gut. He's a humble guy and an inspiration to all.